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The tools we use to enable you to understand your consumers are:

  • Group and Individual Interactions - We interact with selected target audience and explore business issues basis their understanding.
  • Projective Techniques - Techniques to understand consumer response to marketing stimulus. It brings out sub conscious thoughts involved in evaluation of a service.
  • Ideative Techniques / Synectic Techniques - Extremely useful in listing out possible solutions as acceptable to the end consumer.
  • Experimental / Game Simulations - A tool to test product attributes and work out an optimal product configuration.
  • Product Testing / Sampling
  • Product Definition Generative
  • Ethnography - Understand the subtle impact of Culture, Space, Occupation,Education on consumption of financial products.
  • Telephonically Administered Questionnaires -  Calling is done from our captive calling unit at Surat
  • Physically Administered Questionnaires - We work Pan India and have access to field services across India

Our Deliverables
We offer Implementable solutions.

We offer unbiased views.

We cut down your lead time to deliver value to the consumer.

We optimize Return on your Investment.

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