Ormax Money
Services and Products
We offer Customized Services, Consulting and Subscription based Products.
We offer customized consumer intelligence covering

  • Brand perception
  • Cross selling and Up selling
  • Customer Engagement Studies
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Identifying gaps in current market offerings
  • Identifying new market opportunities
  • Mapping Customer Life Cycle and Product requirements
  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Optimized Sales Promotion
  • Product Attribute Testing
  • Response to Marketing Stimulus and Advertising

Consulting Services
  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Business and Product Roadmaps
  • Positioning Workshops

  • Competitor Benchmarking- Retail Banking
  • Quisense - Timely and Economical inputs on specific business issues


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Our Approach
Techniques are tools to drive research.

Our approach is unfettered by technique.

The core of the research is the business issue.

All consumer insight activity is done in-house.
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